Whey Protein Isolate (Grass-fed milk) 2 lbs

Unique Grass-Fed Milk From Europe.
An All Natural Formula.  No artificial sweeteners or flavors!  No rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)! Non-GMO!

White Knight Whey Protein Isolate is simply the best protein supplement you can find o­n the market! Its whey protein isolate is derived using the mechanically microfiltration method.  Unlike the ion exchange method, which strips the protein of almost all its immune-enhancing constituents, not to mention the chemical residues left behind, the microfiltration method is a cold temperature extraction process which leaves all the immune-enhancing and growth factors intact.  Plus, it does not alter the superior potassium-sodium ratio.  White Knight Whey Protein Isolate does not contain aspartame, which many experts suspects of being harmful to the brain, but is widely used in many other similar products.  It is virtually free of fat, lactose and sugar.  It is sweetened with stevia, a natural herb which is approved for diabetics and without any adverse side effects.  If muscle gain is your goal, take 2 to 3 servings a day. If good health is your goal, take 1 serving a day.  If fat loss is your goal, take 1 serving 15 minutes before each meal.

Recently an Italian study confirms that the artificial sweetener sucralose (which is used by almost all proteins and mass gainers on the market) causes leukemia in laboratory mice!