Weight Gain 1.4 kg

Finally, an all natural mass gainer suitable for vegans as well! Armed with more than 30% protein, this product will make sure you gain muscle and not fat, which most low-protein mass gainers tend to do.

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White Knight Weight Gain is made from all natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners and GMO ingredients. Most mass gainers in the market are made from cow’s milk, but here, we offer one that is made from soy protein isolate and maltodextrin. The addition of Vitamin B complex and some minerals provides extra energy and sustenance for the average joe who wants to bulk up the fast and easy way. This means that it’s suitable for vegans and those who are allergic to lactose!

After many trials, we have finally found a formulation that has good mixability and solubility while maintaining good taste. Our Chocolate flavour contains stevia while Vanilla flavour contains thaumatin as the sweetener.

Note: Some sedimentation can occur due to soy being used and is completely normal.

Warning: Individuals who are allergic to soy should not consume this product.