Our Story

Founded in 1996, White Knight was created to satisfy the need for high quality products that are not only effective, but also safe and healthful. Prior to that, we had experience working in this industry for over 10 years, which we realised the amount of low quality supplements in the market. At that time, there was a term called “backyard factory” where products were literally produced in someone’s backyard. For this reason, we sought to create our own brand, making sure that strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) rules are followed. For a period of time, our products were made in the US, but in 2008 we decided to move production to Europe which adheres to a higher quality and safety standard. For example, the transparency of the use of GMO ingredients.

Why Choose White Knight?

Our products are manufactured in Europe according to EU norms, which is one of the world’s most stringent.

Our formulas are also based on solid studies, where we do not venture into anything too new. We refuse to use ingredients suspicious of causing harm. These include aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, carrageenan, and genetically modified organisms.  rBGH (a GMO hormone used to increase cow’s milk production) is banned in Europe, therefore White Knight milk products are all free from rBGH.