For Healthy Joints, Tendons and Ligaments

Importance of Our Joints

Joints are the connection points between 2 bones, and within those 2 bones are substances that protect them. These include cartilage, ligaments and synovial fluid to name the least. Generally, they help protect the bones from wear and tear. However, over time, our cartilage wears away, exposing our bones, causing chronic inflammation and pain. If severe, it can limit mobility and affect quality of life.

Our Synergistic Formula

Made with natural, non-GMO ingredients, this formula will support your joints through a number of ways.

Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine is a natural substance found in cartilage. It has been used as a supplement for many years and in some countries, it is incorporated in medical treatment plans for patients with joint pain. Studies have shown that supplemental glucosamine acts as a substrate for articular cartilage synthesis, while other studies have mentioned that glucosamine acts as an antioxidant, scavenging free radicals that damage the joint [1].


This plant has long been used as an herbal remedy in traditional medicine for a number of conditions. It has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties that aid joint health. Studies have also shown that supplementation with Cissus reduced joint pan in a sample of healthy, exercise-trained men. Moreover, Cissus has been reported to exhibit anti-glucocorticoid effects, which preserve muscle tissue during physical and emotional stress [2].

Eggshell Membrane (Ovomet®)

Ovomet Eggshell Membrane contains many naturally occurring compounds such as collagen, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, which are all building blocks of cartilage. Studies have also shown that Ovomet can reduce joint pain and dysfunction in as little as 3 days [3]. Furthermore, not only does it maintain and regenerate cartilage, it also improves ligament elasticity and strengthens the joint [4].

Andrographis Extract

Andrographis Paniculata, also known as the King of Bitters, has been used traditionally to treat a number of diseases. These are attributable to its bitter constituents, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Recent research has shown that Andrographis inhibits Matrix Metalloproteases (MMPs), an enzyme that degrades collagen, while increasing natural inhibitors of these enzymes. Moreover, Andrographis has been reported to slow cartilage degradation through reduced loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other important substances [5].

Other Ways To Protect Your Joint

Ensuring that the things you do won’t injure your joints is key. In other words, having a good posture, stretching before doing anything strenuous and warming up are good ways to ensure joint safety. Bulking up can also help protect your joints by increasing your metabolism, creating stronger muscles that stabilize joints. Whereas having strengthened abs can help improve your core strength and balance, reducing your chances of falling. All in all, there are numerous things that you can do to protect your joints, but most important of all is you don’t overdo your activities.

In case you are affected by joint pain, there are other substances that can help. These include taking fish oil, curcumin, boswellia and ginger, which mainly act by anti-inflammatory mechanisms (Please note that some of these supplements may thin the blood, so consult your physician first if you have a medical condition). Topical preparations that help ease the pain include capsaicin cream, which desensitizes TRPV1 receptors, reducing pain signals that reach the brain.

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