Whole Food MVM (all natural multivitamin) 120 veggie capsules


Product Description

Almost all multi-vitamins on the market are made from synthetic materials.  Some ingredients, such as vitamin e, are made from petroleum.  Other ingredients, such as vitamin c, are made from genetically-modified corn!  White Knight Whole Food MVM is made exclusively with non-GMO whole foods and herbs, including wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, acerola, alfalfa, ginger, green tea, gingko, quinao sprouts and extracts of fruits and greens. Vitamins and minerals in whole foods are more bioavailable, and this means that your body can utilize them at a far greater extent than the ones from synthetic supplements. Though the amount of individual vitamins and minerals is smaller compared to its synthetic counterpart, White Knight MVM offers other compounds that will revitalise your body to keep you healthy. For example, this bottle contains phycocyanins, an all natural pigment found in algae, found to benefit the body in different ways such as being an anti-oxidant. Just take 2-4 capsules after each meal 3 times daily and you’ll feel the difference!


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