Benefits of drinking grass-fed milk

Grass-fed cows are kept on grass pastures, where they can roam freely and eat grass.  On the other hand, grain-fed cows are kept in confined spaces called CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), which are very nasty places. Typically the cows are fed a diet of GMO (genetically-modified) grains based on soy and corn.  They are also injected with hormones (to make them grow faster) and antibiotics (to survive the unsanitary conditions).  Grass-fed milk contains significantly more Omega-3 fats, Vitamin E, beta carotene and CLA than grain-fed milk.

Does your protein contain the following toxic substances?

rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)
-used to increase milk production
-banned in Belgium but widely used in USA
-a genetically modified organism (GMO)
-possibly carcinogenic

-an artificial sweetener
-reduce good bacteria in guts
-causes leukemia in lab mice
-possibly carcinogenic

Acesulfame potassium
-an artificial sweetener
-brain damaging
-possibly carcinogenic


1. rBGH ​

2. Study links sucralose to higher risk of leukemia:

3. Acesulfame potasssium danger:

How to be healthier?

Most people have no clue about living a healthy life, even if they do, they are likely given wrong information. It is imperitive that you know the truth towards good health.
1. Do at least one session of weight-resisting exercise and another session of cardiovascular exercise each week.
2. Eat more natural foods and less processed foods. Organic food is preferred.
3. Eat more vegetables, fruits and legumes and less red meats.
4. Drink lots of water, preferably 10 glasses a day.
5. Avoid sugary foods and drinks.
6. Try to eat more good fats such as grass-fed butter, avocados and coconut oil.
7. Avoid transfat; this is the type of fat that produces ‘bad’ cholesterol.
8. Eat foods rich in omega-3s to balance your omega-3 and omega-6 levels; most people’s diet contains too much omega-6.
9. Take 2 to 4 capsules of White Knight Elite MVM or Whole Food MVM after each meal.
10. Eat wild sea-water fish at least two times a week; however, do not eat fish caught in the Pacific Ocean. Alternatively, take 1 to 2 softgels of White Knight Super Omega-3 Fish Oil each day.
11. Optimize your vitamin D levels by getting enough sunlight.
11. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. If you must smoke or drink, take White Knight Liver Care & Detox. Also take it if you suffer from liver diseases (hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatoma), or if you take steroids.
12. Try to be happy and optimistic all the time. Nothing breeds good health better than good mood.