Correct Training Method For The Natural Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding magazines are full of articles written by bodybuilding champions, many of which are users of steroids and growth hormones. The training methods that they have written are good only for drug-users, not for the natural athlete.

1. Do not train for more than one and a half hour at a time.

2. Train each bodypart only once a week.

3. Concentrate when you train. Do not read or talk.

4. Change your training program every two months.

5. Choose a weight that you can perform 8 to 12 repetitions successfully. This will maximize your muscle size. If you choose a weight that you can do only 3 or 4 reps with, you are training for strength.

6. When lifting the weight up (concentric), do it as quickly as possible without jerking, when going down (eccentric), go slowly, using 3 times the time when lifting it up.

7. Do not try to impress others by lifting very heavy weights.

8. Have enough sleep every night.